GSTIN Validation by mavenTax

About the company

The organization is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic products globally. The company has several manufacturing facilities in India and some neighboring countries as well.

Business Challenges

Several organizations face issues at time when GSTIN numbers for their vendors or customers is wrongly maintained or inactive. It may also be possible that the GSTIN number put in a document like invoice is not the relevant one. A wrong GSTN creates multiple issues via introducing error in EWB, GSTR filling and reconciliation as well loss of input credit.

Why mavenTax

The customer chose mavenTax as a solution for ensuring correct GSTIN as they use SAP and the solution mavenTax GSTIN validation is designed for real time validation of GSTIN within SAP. mavenTax GSTIN validation solution checks correctness of GSTIN at all of the relevant stages be it master data creation or creation of a transaction. This is done via real time interfaces with the GST systems. The solution ensures that there is no delay introduced for the business processes because of the validation. 


The solution was implemented within 15 days. It followed the standard steps of requirement finalization, solution import and customer specific changes and testing. A small team from Maventic office did the changes and integration. The customer IT team and users team were invlved extensively during requirement finalization, final testing and go live processes. The customer is live with mavenTax GSTIN validation tool from May 2019 onwards.

Benefits to the organization

The solution helped the organization in generation of GSTIN error free invoicee, error free E-way bills, and error free GSTR filling. This helped organization in

  • Saving time and effort with ease in reconciliation and reduced rework.
  • No delay in receiving input GST credit.
  • Not losing input GST credit.